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Sustainability & Our Environment

We're enthusiastic about our responsibility towards taking care of our environment and creating a sustainable future. Spearhead are continually taking action across our supply chain and operations to consolidate our position as a sustainable supplier, whilst helping our customers meet their obligations by supplying the most sustainable products possible, with minimum impact to our planet.

Sustainable Facilities

  • We are a net producer of green energy

  • Investment in solar power has enabled us to plant the equivalent of over 200 trees per year, saving an estimated 400 tonnes of CO2 emissions

  • We have invested heavily in improvements to our head office and distribution facilities, focusing on environment, reducing our carbon footprint and sustainability

  • Installation of an ultra low-energy LED lighting scheme with occupancy controls throughout the facility, designed and manufactured in Austria

  • Air-source heat pumps to reduce our fossil fuel usage and water conserving assets

spearhead's action plan for creating a sustainable future

Our Achievements

  • Environmental Steering Committee introduced at Spearhead to ensure we meet our sustainability goals

  • Established the Spearhead 'Eco Tick' to increase visibility of our sustainable products

  • Environmentally friendly head office and distribution facilities

  • Delivery routes are optimised to ensure products are delivered as efficiently as possible, with the minimum carbon impact possible

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Sustainable Products

  • Spearhead have a growing range of sustainably sourced and sustainably packaged products

  • We introduced the Spearhead 'Eco Tick' to increase visibility of our sustainable products

  • We're continually working with our supply chain to add sustainable 'Eco Tick' products to our range

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