Social Responsibility


The Directors of Spearhead have always viewed helping those in need as a fundamental cornerstone of their personal lives and that of Spearhead. The company donates substantial amounts to charity every year. Charities we support include Macmillan, Stroke Association, RRT, British Heart Foundation, RNLI and more.


Everything we do supports care homes as they work to keep vulnerable people comfortable and safe. We care about the people in care, and care staff, and we are committed to providing high quality products that improve the quality of life for people in care and those who look after them. We offer additional services to all our customers, such as free product demonstrations, training and dementia awareness.


Our responsibility and commitment to our workforce includes the provision of a happy and safe work environment, both physically and morally. We hold ourselves available to each individual employee directly, to provide help and advice on any work or personal matters, and to listen to grievances in relation to work or the workplace.

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