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Gel Cushion for Medium Risk Patients


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These gel cushions will reduce the risk of developing pressure ulcers, and is intended for use with medium risk residents in your Care Home. Spearhead's polyurethane gel has the consistency of fatty tissue. It acts as a layer of artificial fat and reduces significant pressures sustained by risk areas. The gel can also slide and move laterally, so it is effective in reducing shear forces. These cushions have an unconditional guarantee that the gel will not leak or dry out if accidentally punctured or cut, nor will it harden over time. The cushion measures 43cm x 43cm x 2.5cm, and comes with a polyurethane cover for durability.

  • intended for medium risk patients
  • contains polyurethane gel
  • guaranteed leak free, even if punctured
  • guaranteed against drying out or hardening
  • 43cm x 43cm x 2.5cm
  • polyurethane cover

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