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ID Expert Slip Super - Large - 4100ml Absorption


Pack Size: 2x28

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This pack of 84 ID Expert slips are ideal for managing moderate to heavy incontinence suitable for a wide range of users within a Care Home. These slip on briefs are particularly well suited to Care Home residents with limited mobility or who are confined to bed. The Expert Slip Super has an acquisition layer that promotes the fast passage of urine through to a multi-layer absorbent core containing super absorbent polymers, designed to absorb and lock urine inside the core of the pad and reduce the risk of rewetting. It also has double wetness indicators to act as a guide for when the product requires changing. The Expert Super Slip diapers has an odour control system within the absorbent core to prevent the formation of ammonia and thus prevents unpleasant odours. Integrated anti-leak cuffs are included, which are made of waterproof material to help prevent side leakage and maintaining security and discretion. The fabric has a cotton feel which provides maximum comfort. All iD products are dermatologically tested and proven to not cause skin irritations. They are also latex free.

Size guide

Size Waist
Small 50-90cm, 19-35-inch
Medium 80-125cm, 31-49-inch
Large 115-155cm, 45-61-inch
Extra Large 120-170cm, 47-66-inch

  • absorbs 4.1 litres
  • pack of 84
  • slip on briefs
  • suitable for limited/no mobility
  • fast absorption
  • super absorbent polymers
  • locks urine inside
  • multi-layer absorbent core
  • reduced risk of rewetting
  • double wetness indicators
  • odour control system
  • prevents formation of ammonia
  • prevents unpleasant odours
  • anti-leak cuffs
  • waterproof material
  • prevents side leakage
  • maintains security and discretion
  • cotton feel
  • dermotologically tested
  • latex free
  • available in small, medium, large, extra large

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