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Slide Sheet - Various Sizes


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These slide sheets are ideal for Care Homes, designed to make patient transfers easier by providing carers with a safe and easy method of moving patients. These sheets are made from a low friction silicone impregnated nylon, reducing skin friction and keeping each sheet lightweight. Each sheet is machine washable up to 50 degrees. There are 5 sizes available:

  • small (72cm x 70cm)
  • medium (122cm x 71cm)
  • large (122cm x 100cm)
  • extra large (200cm x 140cm)
  • wide (145cm x 100cm

  • for patient transfers
  • low friction
  • made from silicone impregnated nylon
  • reduces skin friction
  • lightweight
  • machine washable
  • 5 sizes

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SP400/XS; SP400/S; SP400/M; SP400/L; SP400/XL; SP400PS/L; SP400SF/S; SP400SF/M; SP400SF/L
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SP202/XS; SP202/S; SP202/M; SP202/L; SP202/XL; SP202/XXL
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SP202C/S; SP202C/M; SP202C/L; SP202C/XL

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