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Birdie 180 Evo Electric Lifter with Electric Leg Spread


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This high lifting electric hoist can fold easily and can be used for floor lifts. It has a 180kg weight capacity (28 stone) and a 2 point spreader bar. The lifter is ideal for use in care homes

Key features
- Can perform floor lifts
- Emergency hoist lowering
- Detachable leg spreader bar with interchangeable options
- Outstanding performance and reliability

- 2 year warranty on the actuator

  • Overall Length: 1150mm
  • Width - Legs Open: 1060mm
  • Width - Legs Closed: 675mm
  • Safe Working Load: 180kg
  • Product Weight: 42kg
  • Battery Capacity: 40 cycles
  • Floor to Spreader Bar: 480mm - 1700mm
  • Battery Power: 2,9 Ah
  • Leg Clearance: 115mm
  • Turning Radius: 1400mm
  • 2 year warranty on the actuator
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