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Washrooms and bathrooms within Care Homes can be at risk of unpleasant odours. This has been kept in mind during the development of the Platinum washroom chemicals, all of which are designed to leave washrooms clean and fresh smelling. The Toilet and Washroom Cleaner can be used for a variety of purposes and has a long lasting floral fragrance, whilst our Foaming Washroom Cleaner will maintain a pleasant fresh scent whilst being easy to use and fast acting. Our coordinating range of equipment includes the Closed Toilet Brush and Holder and the Household Rubber Gloves, which are available in pink to comply with Infection Control guidelines.

Cleaning Tips from the Platinum Plan!

  • Each toilet should have its own personal toilet brush.
  • Toilet brushes should be cleaned after every use by placing the head beneath the water level of the toilet pan and flushing the toilet.
  • Remember to clean the toilet brush holder as often as you clean the toilet brush.
  • If water saving flushes are an option, full flushes should be used when cleaning toilets and brushes.
  • To refresh dirty grout, scrub any discoloured areas with Foaming Washroom Cleaner then rinse well.

For more top tips, washroom specific logs, and a comprehensive cleaning schedule, see your copy of the Platinum Plan Binder.

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