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Handling dirty laundry is one of the Care Home cleaning tasks that is likely to cause cross-infection. Our Platinum laundry chemicals, however, have an answer for all washing problems. With a range that includes the quality Premium Laundry Detergent, the effective Sanibright Low Temperature Destainer Liquid, and two different disinfectant laundry powders, Platinum has every laundry problem covered. We can also provide essential equipment such as laundry carts, soluble strip laundry sacks, and our strong Drawstring Linen Bags, which are available in different colours as is recommended by standard Infection Control guidelines. With this range of quality chemicals and functionable equipment, the Platinum Plan will help you keep cross infection to a minimum.

Cleaning Tips from the Platinum Plan!

  • During an infection outbreak, bedding and clothing from infected residents should be kept separate from those from other residents, and washed as soon as possible at the highest temperature. Contaminated laundry should never be washed by hand.
  • Contaminated laundry should be handled as little as possible and never placed on a surface, on the floor, or held close to the body.
  • Disposable aprons and gloves should be used when handling laundry.
  • Linen should be fit for purpose, look clean, and should not be damaged or discoloured.
  • Duvets should be washed at least every three months and between use on different residents.

For more top tips and laundry specific logs, see your copy of the Platinum Plan Binder.

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