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The wide variety of cleaning needs in a Care Home kitchen means that it can be easy to end up with numerous different bottle of chemicals cluttering your cleaning cupboard. The Platinum kitchen range, however, keeps this clutter to a minimum by providing quality chemicals that are suitable for multiple tasks. For example, our Sanitising Cleaner can be used to wipe down food preparation surfaces, to clean the inside of cupboards, and for mopping where needed. Our specialist chemicals, such as our Oven Cleaner and High Strength Machine Dishwash Detergent are fast acting and easy to use, providing a chemical for every cleaning situation. Don't forget to check out our essential cleaning equipment, such as our Excel Microfibre Supercloths, available in green to comply with the colour-coding of standard Infection Control guidelines.

Cleaning Tips from the Platinum Plan!

  • Display food hygiene guidelines prominently so all staff know how cupboards and fridges should be organised.
  • Leave chemicals on surfaces for at least one minute to allow cleaners time to work on tough stains and grease.
  • Remember to clean vertical surfaces as well as counter tops.
  • Pay close attention to handles. They are a hot spot for germs.
  • Remember to wash bins inside and out.

For more top tips, kitchen specific logs, and a comprehensive cleaning schedule, see your copy of the Platinum Plan Binder.

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