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Evolve Trigon Unperfumed Liquid Hand Soap, 6x1 Litre

The Evolve Cartridge System is an incredibly easy to use soap system, designed to minimise unnecessary contact with products and prevent spillage and mess. This economical solution will help to prevent infection control issues within the Care Home. Manufactured using cosmetic grade ingredients, this high quality Evolve liquid soap has a thorough cleaning action whilst remaining mild and gentle on the skin. It also contains added moisturiser, ensuring the skin feels soft, smooth and healthy. The soap has bactericidal properties and has no perfume or scent, making it suitable for food preparation areas. The balanced pH also ensures that this soap is safe for frequent use; it can even be used as a hair shampoo. This particular cartridge contains 1 litre of liquid soap, and is designed to fit the evolve soap action yet are mild and gentle on the skin. The balanced pH ensures they are suitable for frequent use on hands, body and even for use as a hair shampoo. All products contain added moisturiser to help the skin feel soft, smooth and healthy.

  • minimises unnecessary product contact
  • prevents waste and spills
  • economical
  • cosmetic grade ingredients
  • thorough cleaning action
  • mild
  • added moisturiser
  • bactericidal
  • perfume free
  • unscented
  • antibacterial
  • suitable for food preparation areas
  • balanced pH
  • safe as soap or shampoo

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