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Platinum Multi-Surface Spray Polish, Ready to Use, 750ml


Minimum Quantity: 6

Pack Size: Each

This versatile spray polish is ideal for the COSHH conscious Care Home. Unlike most polishes, this can be used effectively on wood, veneer, laminate, glass, stainless steel, chrome and paintwork. This minimises the need for separate polishes for different surfaces, reducing the number of chemicals in your cleaning cupboard and adhering to COSHH guidelines. Our easy to use spray polish leaves a deep, long-lasting shine and a pleasant scent that will leave your Care Home smelling attractive and clean for residents, staff and visitors.

Multi-Surface Spray Polish is part of the Platinum Plan, a complete cleaning and Infection Control program designed to save care homes time and money. It can, however, be purchased as an individual product.

  • multi-surface
  • long lasting shine
  • spray function
  • pleasant scent
  • part of the Platinum plan

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