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Platinum Refresh Air & Fabric Freshener, Ready to Use, 750ml


Minimum Quantity: 6

Pack Size: 750ML

Refresh Air and Fabric Freshener quickly disperses unwanted odours through an advanced formula that chemically absorbs and destroys unpleasant smells. It can be used as a general air freshener by spraying into the air, or can be used to tackle fabrics by spraying directly onto the soft furnishings of your Care Home.

Refresh Air and Fabric Freshener is part of the Platinum Plan. It can be purchased as an individual product, or as part of the Plan that offers a holistic cleaning and infection control solution for your Care Home.

How to use

  • Spray into the air or directly on to surfaces where unpleasant odours linger.

  • ready to use formula
  • 750ml bottle
  • chemical absorption of bad smells
  • air freshener
  • fabric freshener
  • part of the Platinum plan

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