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Platinum Degreasing Cleaner, Ready to Use, 750ml


Minimum Quantity: 6

Pack Size: 750ML

Degreasing Cleaner is a powerful, ready to use, multi-surface cleaner and degreaser that is ideal in the kitchen and food preparation area of your Care Home. It is designed to cut through grease and remove ingrained soiling easily from a variety of surfaces including plastic, stainless steel, paintwork, laminate, and ceramic tiles. The degreaser is clear and fragrance free, and thus is ideal for the kitchen.

Degreasing Cleaner is part of our Platinum range. It can be bought as an individual product, or as part of our Platinum Plan, which offers a complete cleaning plan designed to improve Infection Control in your Care Home.

How to use

  • Spray onto surface and wipe with a clean damp cloth. For small areas spray onto a cloth and wipe surface. For prolonged use it is advisable to wear rubber gloves.
  • To refill this trigger spray bottle, dilute 1 part concentrate with 25 parts cold water.

  • ready to use formula
  • use in kitchens and food preparation areas
  • suitable for a variety of surfaces
  • dye and fragrance free
  • part of the Platinum Plan

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