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Bio Clear Biological Grease Trap and Drain Maintainer


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Bio Clear is designed to deconstruct the fatty waste discharged into grease-traps, sewers and pipes from busy catering facilities, such as those found in a large Care Home. The strong liquid reduces grease and solids through selected microorganisms and "free enzymes", ensuring your drain outlets remain in functional condition. It can be introduced to the system through an auto-pump, helping to prevent clogging and damage to drains, sinks, small bore pipes, septic tanks, grease traps and complete sewage systems. Bio Clear is unique and effective as it chooses natural biological products, allowing it to tackle cleaning and maintenance issues which are outwith the realm of standard chemical products. The bacterial strains included in the products are harmless to humans, but quick acting on grease. It also has a long-shelf life, making this an economical product for the Care Environment. Each bottle contains 5 litres.

  • deconstructs fatty waste
  • for use in an auto-pump
  • uses natural bacteria and enzymes
  • bacteria harmless to humans
  • quick acting
  • economical
  • 5 litre bottle

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