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Machine Dishwash Powder, 10kg

Spearhead Machine Dishwash Powder is a free flowing white powder that is extremely effective in both hard and soft water, making it useful for all Care Homes. It removes food debris, grease and tannin stains and contains a powerful steriliser which will kill most bacteria. It is not suitable for lead, crystal or aluminium.

How to use

  • Domestic machines: Soft water - 1.5oz per gallon. Hard water - 2oz per gallon.
  • Commercial spray type machines: Soft water - 1.5oz per gallon. Hard water - 1oz per gallon.

  • white powder
  • suitable for hard or soft water
  • removes food debris, grease, tannin stains
  • powerful steriliser
  • anti-bacterial
  • not suitable for lead, crystal, aluminium

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