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Sanitising Bleach & Detergent Solution Tablets

Sanitising Bleach and Detergent Solution Tablets provide a highly convenient and accurate way to make a one-stage detergent chlorine solution. Certified as tested against: EN13697–Fungicidal Activity, EN13704–Sporicidal Activity, EN14476–Coronavirus, EN1276–Bactericidal Activity, EN1650–Fungi & Yeast.

Directions For Use:
Remove gross contamination from surfaces prior to cleaning and disinfection. Dissolve one tablet of SPD1375 in:
- 100 ml water for 10,000 ppm available chlorine for body fluid spills including blood. Allow 3 minutes contact time.
- 1 litre water for 1,000 ppm available chlorine for general cleaning and disinfection. Allow 5 minutes contact time.
- 2.5 litres water for 400 ppm available chlorine for sinks, drains, W.C.s, urinals.
- 10 litres water for 100 ppm available chlorine for cloths and mops. Allow minimum 30 minutes contact time.

IMPORTANT: Do not store solution - use within 24 hours.

200 tablets per container x 3.25g

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