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Removable Prepped Product Labels

These prepped product labels are ideal for the Care Home kitchen. They are pre-printed with item, name, quantity, date and use by fields ready to be filled in. The glue is designed to be strong yet removable, and will not leave behind a sticky residue on containers. These labels make it easy to monitor and control your food, making stock rotation and first-in/first-out rotation easier. It also allows for accountability due to the space for the preparer's name. The labels measure 4.9cm x 6.5cm, weigh 0.27kg, and conform to UK legislation.

  • removable
  • pre-printed
  • fields for item, name, quantity, date, use by
  • strong glue
  • residue free
  • supports stock rotation
  • aids FIFO rotation
  • helps accountability
  • 4.9cm x 6.5cm
  • 0.27kg
  • conforms with UK legislation

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