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Chair Alertamat


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Chair Alertamat is an Alertamat system for use on a chair. With a simple 'plug-and-play' system the care giver can quickly set up the Alertamat and have it operating with ease.

The Chair Alertamat is most effective when concealed under the cushion to give the care giver advanced warning of any patient at risk of falling if they attempt to leave their chair.

The Chair Alertamat has its own alarm monitor so it can function as a standalone. It can also be easily connected to a nurse call system. This allows the care giver to choose between localised alerts or centralised nurse call system activation. Once the patient returns to the chair the alarm is reset automatically.

The Chair Alertamat can be powered by mains or battery, making the system extremely versatile.

Key features of the Chair Alertamat

  • Plug-and-play
  • Low battery alert
  • Takes 1x 9v battery
  • High and low volume alert
  • Mains or battery powered
  • Multiple choice alarm tone
  • Adjustable delay to reduce false alarms
  • Alarm is reset automatically when patient returns to chair
  • Hygienic, antibacterial easy-clean material
  • Dimensions: 25 x 38cm

System includes

  • 1x Chair Alertamat
  • 1x alarm monitor
  • 1x 2 metre cable

  • alerts when patients rise from chairs
  • plug and play system
  • quick to set up
  • functions as stand alone
  • comes with alarm monitor
  • can be connected to nurse call system
  • choose localised or centralised alerts
  • automatic reset
  • low battery alert
  • uses 1 x 9v battery
  • adjustable alert volumes
  • mains or battery powered
  • choice of alarm tones
  • adjustable delay to reduce false alarms
  • hygienic, easy clean material
  • antibacterial material
  • 25cm x 38cm
  • comes with mat, monitor and 2 metre cable

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